Sunday Morning Walk

What better to do on a warm summer’s morning than meet up with a neighboring hunt to walk hounds?  Rappahannock Hunt and Old Dominion Hounds met on a recent Sunday near the quaint and historic village of Little Washington, VA.

Prior to starting out, hunt staff say hello to one another.


Once everyone arrived, hounds were off loaded and allowed to greet one another and roam around a bit.

Heading out with 49 couple of American and Crossbred hounds.


Stopping at a cool running creek was a wonderful respite both on the way out and back.



11703085_10207472364586088_1550121489107005086_nDad relieves Mom of the youngest fox hunter for the uphill trek back home.




Neighbors were delighted to see so many hounds in the neighborhood while taking a short break in a beautiful meadow on the way home.


The obedient co-mingled hounds will wait until another day to draw the beautiful covert.


All packed up and ready to go home.  See you in September!!

See you in September!
See you in September!


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Sunrise Yoga at Salamander

Recently I had the pleasure of attending Sunrise Yoga at the Salamander Resort Stable. A die hard Pilates (and horse) fanatic, I have always found yoga to be a bit intimidating. Looking for more ways to add variety in my teaching, I decided it was time to again give yoga a try. After all, as someone mentioned to me: a flexible body is not required, just a willing mind.

Once I let go of my preconceived notions, I changed my mind. I love yoga. I still can barely touch my toes but I love yoga! The physical practice of yoga builds your mind.

I love the give and take and what I like to call the general sloppiness of yoga. There are a million things you can learn about yoga, but if you know nothing, you can still have a great practice. Or you can dedicate your life to the practice of all things yogi, and still have a great practice. It’s whatever you make of it.

Yoga is the fine line between ease and effort. It’s letting go. It’s understanding that everyone is different and trying to not judge.   All you really need is a mat, although I do recommend a good pair of yoga pants too! The line between ease and effort is the same with everything in life. Working hard is great and good for you. Working too hard is not.

So, for today I’ll live in the present. Yoga for me today is a beautiful sunrise in front of a beautiful barn in a beautiful community. It’s a physical challenge. It’s a mental challenge. Even though I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I can’t do it someday.

I’ll leave all the heavy mental lifting about yoga to the true students of yoga for now. Maybe one day I’ll rethink that. For me for now it’s enough to just be here in the present.

Thank you to Yogaletics Wear for the lovely and comfortable leggings. Thank you Salamander Resort and Horse Yoga Girl!